NACUFS 2011 Sketchnotes: Howard Putnam on Leadership

Behold my notes from Southwest Airlines' former CEO, Howard Putnam's General Session - Leadership: Successful Strategies Through Transformation.

Howard's speech left me so inspired. Here are some of my favorite ideas, typed up like a normal person:

  • "Hire attitudes, develop the skills"
  • "MLK never said I have a strategic plan. He said, 'I have a dream.'"
  • "Turbulence is inevitable, but misery is optional."
    I misdrew this one in the sketchnotes. It totally makes more sense this way.
  • "Treat employees as number one."
  • "Let people make the decisions."
  • "When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed."
  • The power of a handwritten note.
    I completely and wholeheartedly believe in this one. In this tech-dependent world full of texts, tweets, emails, Facebook, and blogs (, a handwritten note is magical. One on really gorgeous stationery? Doublestuf that dose of magic.

I usually love keynote speakers. When they're good, what you learn is applicable to life, regardless of your current job.

    If you read the title of this post, first of all, thanks for reading. Second, you're probably wondering what is NACUFS? I suppose the university food service industry is not as glam and popular as it thinks it is. NACUFS is the National Association of College and University Food Services and they have a national conference each year.

    This year, it was (semi-)conveniently held at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas, Texas. And of course, the year I'm selected to represent The University of Texas at Austin, the conference is in a city I already visit a few times a year. By the way, the Gaylord Texan is like a whole 'nother country in a whole 'nother country.

    Find out what others were saying at #NACUFS2011.

    And if you feel like it, take a peak at some of my other kathyphantastic sketchnotes. I'll be adding more from NACUFS 2011 and SXSW 2011.

    Today I Want: Hey Y'all Sign

    I'm loving the Southern Slang series from SlippinSouthern. North Carolina's Slippin Southern handcuts southern expressions (among other things) from plywood which they lovingly call "Southern Pine," likely with a drawl.

    I really want the "hey y'all" either in barnyard red, sunflower yellow, or driftwood grey. I am a southern girl after all. I've even got the cowboy boots to prove it. One day I'll also have this sign.

    Hey Y'all Sign, SlippinSouthern on Etsy, $50

    Here are few other ones from Slippin Southern:


    Which would y'all get?

    Lady Gaga Cake Pop

    A few weeks ago, I gave you cake pop rock-stars (KISS cake pops).

    Today, I bring you a cake pop pop-star: Lady Gaga cake pop with lightning bolt from the Just Dance video.

    This cake pop-star garnered a brief mention in the Austin Post.

    Should I make a series of Lady Gaga-inspired cake pops? What do you think?

    Cake pop design by kathyphantastic
    Cake by Objects of Confection
    Photo by Tina Phan

    Cupcake Smackdown

    Due to a crazy busy day, the redhead and I stopped by Jennie (MisoHungry) Chen's Cupcake Smackdown 2011, arriving only 15 minutes before the frosting-covered event came to a close.*

    *One of the reasons we got there so late was a family graduation - one strange enough to possibly warrant its own blog post someday.

    We missed out on the cupcakes, but were there long enough to witness 2 firings of the cupcake cannon (including a direct crotch-shot) and take a picture in Annie Ray's photobooth.

    I also managed to get the redhead to agree to let me shoot him with the cupcake cannon next year in the name of charity.

    Jennie, if you're listening, please organize another Cupcake Smackdown in 2012. I really want to shoot that cannon!

    See the full Cupcake Smackdown 2011 wrap-up post on MisoHungry.

    Today I Want: Zara TRF Blue Strapless Dress

    I found this at Zara last night during a pizza and shopping date with Aimee Wenske. I love the sweetheart neckline and simple white stripes.

    By the time I came across this dress, we were tired of trying things on.

    Maybe if I'm still in love in a few weeks I'll go back.

    It's pretty cute in fuschia, too.

    TRF Collection Strapless Dress, Zara, $59.00

    Louis Vuitton Pumpkin

    I'm generally not a fan of LV-monogrammed stuff. On the other hand, Mommy Phan can't get enough of it.

    She's also one of the people responsible for my never being allowed to carve pumpkins as a child (the other being Daddy Phan). Mommy Phan would approve of this Louis Vuitton-inspired pumpkin though. No carving, no pumpkin guts, yes LV - all wins in her mind.

    She has an authentic Louis or two and then the knock offs of the same bags. I refer to them as "decoy bags," to trick possible thieves and other villains. I don't know how the trickery would actually work in a real-life scenario though. And judging by her telling me that women in Houston's Chinatown are being purse-snatched regardless of authenticity, I'm thinking she doesn't either.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I went to (the now defunct) Astroworld on NAACP Day? There was some really great Louis Vuitton stuff that day.

    Box Full of Kitties

    Photos by Tina Phan

    Objects of Confection and I packed this box full of cake pops for an excited Hello Kitty lover in Round Rock.

    What flavor is inside those cute little Hello Kitty cake pop heads, might you ask? Objects of Confection's chocolate cake balls. Mmmm...cute covered chocolate.

    Oh, you haven't gotten enough of the Hello Kitty cake pops? There's more:

    Sharon Loves This' Bachelorette Party
    Austin Bakes for Japan - Sanrio Cake Pops
    Austin Bakes for Japan Movie

    Today I Love: Cookie Dough Negative Space by Sweet Paul

    Have you seen Sweet Paul? If you're into prop styling like a certain'll love it. The Sweet Paul blog features Paul Lowe's styling, culinary, and crafting endeavors, all of which are great.

    Sweet Paul is also a magazine available both digitally and in print. Check out the Summer 2011 Issue. LOVE. His use of splashes of bright colors juxtaposed against white and grey and white space are right up my ally.

    Today I especially love Paul's use of negative space - negative cookie dough space to be exact. Highlighting the cookie dough remnants as a canvas is truly unexpected.

    I've been inspired by text and typography lately, and I'm planning to do some styling involving text sometime this summer. Aimee Wenske is on board, so yeah, it should be good. ;)

    Hope you had a great weekend, and if you have time go look at the Sweet Paul blog.


    via photo by Colin Cooke

    via Photo by Alexandra Grablewski

    via photo by Frances Janisch

    PS Umm oh yeah, he has a glue gun tat.